Robyn Harding

Robyn Harding grew up in Quesnel, a logging town in northern British Columbia. To relieve her small town angst she turned to creative writing, hoping to become another S.E. Hinton and publish a novel at seventeen. She also hoped said novel would be made into a movie starring Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze and Tom Cruise whom she would fall in love with and eventually marry. She is now quite pleased that scenario didn’t pan out.

After high school, creative writing was relegated to a hobby and Robyn moved to Vancouver. She studied English Literature, journalism, and then marketing, eventually landing a job at an advertising agency. After seven years in the industry, Robyn left to raise her two young children and work as a freelance copywriter.

During this time, Robyn began to write fiction again. In 2004, she published her first novel, THE JOURNAL OF MORTIFYING MOMENTS. Since then, Robyn has continued to write: fiction, nonfiction and screenplays. She is thankful, everyday, that she gets to do what she loves for a living (except occasionally, when she’s cranky or stressed out, and she forgets to be thankful) .

Robyn and her family live in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.

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