Jim Kokoris

Jim Kokoris lives in a remote suburb of Chicago with his supportive family. His favorite son, John, put this web site together. He has two other sons, Michael and Andrew, who don’t know web design, and a loving wife (though very strict mother), Anne. She has never read Jim’s web site.

Jim attended the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana where he majored in early fraternity. He considers his greatest influences to be, in no particular order, John Irving, Anne Tyler, Woody Allen, and former Chicago Bears defensive backs Gary Fencik and Doug Plank.

Jim’s favorite novels, in no particular order, are: The Cider House Rules, Accidental Tourist, Lonesome Dove, and Chilly Scenes of Winter. His favorite short story is “The Missing Person,” by Tobias Wolfe. His favorite album is Exile on Main Street.  He does not have a favorite poem and secretly does not like poetry though pretends to when he is around poets.

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