Hy Conrad

Best known for his work in mysteries, Hy was one of the original writers for the groundbreaking series, Monk, working on the show for all eight seasons, the final two as Co-Executive Producer. In a related project, Hy was Executive Producer and head writer of Little Monk, a series of short films featuring Adrian Monk as a ten-year-old. His latest TV work was as writer and Consulting Producer for White Collar.

Hy is also the author of hundreds of short stories and ten books of short whodunits, which have been sold around the world in fourteen languages. His first book in the successful “Monk” series (“Mr. Monk Helps Himself”) was published in June 2013 and his second (“Mr. Monk Gets On Board”) will be published in January 2014.

Hy’s first humor book, “Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know,” also debuted in 2012.

He lives in Key West with his partner and two miniature schnauzers. (www.hyconrad.com)

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