Billee Howard

Billee Howard is Founder + Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie, a cutting-edge communications consulting firm. Beginning her career as Press Secretary for the President of the Philippines and his cabinet at the age of 22, Billee developed a global market perspective from early on, and understood that the third world would not be third much longer. Switching from politics to business with a focus on how CEO’s can drive culture, Billee joined Shandwick at age 25, and launched their National Financial Media Group.

Billee Joined Allison+Partners in 2011, and launched her Brand Innovation Lab, dedicated to using cultural cues to transform corporate and executive brands into true innovation for such clients as DreamWorks Animation, and Fast Company. With an eye toward marrying her unique insight for creating winning platforms, narratives and corporate positioning campaigns for some of the world’s top consumer brands, with her decades of experience in trend forecasting and consumer behavioral patterns, Billee founded Brandthropologie, as well as Brandthropologie’s Mojo Risin’ Studios, for which she serves as Executive Producer.

Billee was the winner of PR Week’s 30 under 30, and 40 under 40, as well as being selected for the Media Professional of the Year Award twice.

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